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Are those still for sale?
How waterproof are they?
yes, still up for grabs. the AS100V says it is "splashproof" and I believe the 300 one should be much better in that regard. but I'm not sure as I don't use them underwater or in heavy rain etc. they both come with additional plastic housing, which is supposedly improving the waterproof capabilities. sony has this to say for the 300 model:

Rugged shielding for real-world conditions
You're ready to shoot with the right protection. The Action Cam body alone is splashproof and freezeproof, and supplied Underwater Housing
is dustproof, shockproof and waterproof to 197 ft/60 m.
How is the battery on both cameras?
battery life has been constant throughout (no drop in battery performance at all). I believe you have about 2h of continuous video shooting in the highest resolution and frames per minute on both models. this is what I use for my commutes, which can be 50 to 90 minutes, depending on the route. so I never actually exhaust the batteries completely. I have one spare battery also, almost unused: 2 cams come with 3 batteries, which are interchangeable and can be used on both models

full disclosure, the older model AS100V has lost the USB port door, and the battery cover is also slightly loose (it can be locked). of course, the camera is almost never used without the outer protective casing, so this doesn't matter in practice. anyway, the older one is still perfectly functional, but 90% of value in this deal comes from the newer model (and also all the attachments, which are all original Sony and can add up quite a bit - not included with the cameras either, have to be bought separately)
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Hello, can you please provide some size information.
lol. I actually live in Sagamihara but really close to Machida Station. Where abouts do you cycle?
nowhere too strenuous, sometimes down sagaikawa, sometimes to Tama or to Noborito, or early Sunday mornings along route 16.
Need to get more challenged.

And you?
I usually head out past Hashimoto and down to the mountains around Sagami dam. I like riding in the mountains. Feel free to come sometime.
Hi Andy,

May I ask why you're selling them and what you thought of them when you had them on your bike?
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