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Tech Advice on Upgrades for Comfort


Sep 27, 2019
@kiwisimon All in all, your arguments are persuasive, thank you. Your explanation of having to curve my spine to fit the shorter frame then struggling to raise my head makes sense of my experience.

I’ll push the saddle back again and we might expect that to feel a little bit better, as you say. And I made an appointment to go see Ken at Hasirin later this week and see what we can sort out. A new bike, probably. ;)


Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2012
Hmm, there's not much difference in your position between photos 2 and 3.
Based on your range of motion I think raising your hands is worth trying
One of the options posted by @Buckaroo Banzai looks good.
The angled stem might be the cheapest and simplest option.
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