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Maximum Pace
Aug 7, 2014
Hm 11-40 is something to consider when the 11-34 wears out.

Already have a 46/30 on the front, woo 0.75 climbing gear.
I am looking for options for replacing the 48/32 FSA that came with my wiggle tank. They screw on to a threaded bottom bracket, and later today I will be checking if the chain rub I can hear is a derailleur problem, or play in the drive side crank.( Last time I tightened it I remember it was like riding a different bike, far more responsive).

I prefer the the hollowtech set up but a tiagra crankset replacement to match the rest of the drive train is out as an option, as 48/34 is the smallest they go to. I intend some loaded touring for the bike, so 32 as is, or even 30 upfront is what I am looking for. I see I can get a 48/32 or 46/30 from sugino at twice the price. I am wondering if I have other options?
@Cactaur what crankset you running? I maybe recall @joewein made a thread on this subject.
Honestly a new wheelset and a 5 man replacement crankset makes @bloaker's vissago look a bargain.

Just discovered the existence of Shimano GRX. Checking compatability issues. Any help appreciated.
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Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
You can use a MTB crankset with a MTB front derailleur and road shifters. I am doing that with my Fargo. I have an XT crankset/der with 105 shifters.
The MTB crankset is designed around a 73mm BB and a road is 68mm. The mtb bb comes with spacers for this issue, so no big deal to do.
I think @Karl was headed down this road, but ended up with a Sugino crank. He may have a SLX 2x crank laying around.

The Vassago is a nice option tho! ;)

Winston Leg-Thigh

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Mar 31, 2015
I've got an FSA Omega 46/30 on one of my bikes. Cheap and works fine. If you've already got an FSA BB it'll save changing the BB, too. My other bike has got an FSA Gossamer 46/36 and I have to say I absolutely love the smaller gap between the front chainrings (with an 11-36 on the back).


Maximum Pace
Feb 3, 2014
@Tanki I got a GRX600. Its the only one that comes in 165mm plus its much cheaper tho heavier than the GRX800. You need a new FD but thats relatively cheap.

Being shimano smaller rings should be available in the future despite the proprietary BCD. Otherwise I think 3rd party options should be available (knock on wood).
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