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Maximum Pace
Aug 7, 2014
I need a new back wheel for my regular ride, a steel wiggle 'adventure' bike.
(Maybe a few of you recall the rear rim splitting pretty soon after I purchased/recieved this bike. At the time the thinking was the spokes had been over tensioned during the build. After a lot of hassle finding replacement rims I got a LBS to lace onto the original hub with new spokes. This wheel has had 3 years use? but is now out of true and is showing the same type of splitting to a lesser degree).
I have an identical spare rim, WTB STPi23 that could be used for a rebuild, but I have doubts. Is 3 years an acceptable shelf life?
Also can/should I re-lace the original hub for a second time?

Plan A: Original hub + spare rim. Cheapest. (Time to ponder new wheelset, make other upgrades)
Plan B: New rim + original hub.
Plan C.D,E New rim + new hub, build or buy, pair or single.
My head is spinning faster than the bike.
Penny for your thoughts.


Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
Re-use hubs if you are happy with them. They don't fatigue like a rim.
DO NOT reuse spokes or nipples. If you are going to take the time to get your wheels freshened up - do it right.

I am a fan of...
- 32 spoke 3 cross wheel builds. The weight saved by less is wasted spent on a rider like me. Give me the security of strong wheels that can take a beating and I am happy.
- Chris King & Industry Nine hubs. They last forever and will outlive your frame.
- brass nipples. Anodized aluminum ones look great, but when it comes time to true or rebuilt, brass has always been more durable in my experience.


Maximum Pace
Dec 14, 2006
Is three years good? It depends on your riding style, weight, terrain and maintenance schedule. You have a spare rim and if you like the hub take @bloaker 's advice and rebuild with new spokes and nipples. If you aren't that enamoured of the hub, just buy a new wheel and keep the hub and rim as spares or flick on to somebody else.


Maximum Pace
Aug 7, 2014
Update: I have gone for the cheap option, spare rim/re-lace hub in the interim. However a hub dynamo/phone charging/ touring/night riding wheel build is a longer term target. ( I will make another thread).
While the tank is out of action, I put a saddle onto my old road bike and pumped up the tires, it's been 3 years since I have clipped in. No Chis King buzzy hubs on this old girl. 36 hole mavic open pros on old stealth ninja 105 hubs. It was a pleasure getting re-aquainted.
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